Integrated Philosophy

Gauthier, Alvarado & Associates was founded in 1975 on the strength of a single idea: that architects, engineers, and planners under one roof, working together, all equal and important, would create a company stronger than its peers and buildings of superior quality and value.

The question is, when an architect in Boston can videoconference with a plumbing engineer in Bangalore over a cloud-shared model, is there still a value to having the trades under one roof?

Yes.  Without doubt, yes.

Certainly, developments in technology have meant we’re not the only ones anymore who can coordinate during a project instead of at the end.  But there is still a value to having the architect, the structural engineer, the mechanical engineer, the plumbing engineer, the electrical engineer, and the sprinkler engineer sitting at a single table, talking over the drawings, sketching, arguing, hashing out the problems and finding solutions.  You can find more answers over a handshake than a conference call.

An added value of our founding principle that has grown over time is that when an architect works side-by-side with an electrical engineer for 20 years, you develop an architect who understands electrical systems, knows what electricians need and can lay out the light fixtures.

And when you have every trade working side-by-side for 20 years, you develop a company of seasoned professionals with expertise far outside their specialty, every Principal a jack of all trades and a master of one.

We are committed to producing the most technically advanced environments possible within budget, schedule, and especially within the understanding of the user’s ability to control those technologies.

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