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Energy Conservation

Reduction in the amount of energy consumed in a process or system; Energy Conservation.

 Our beliefs revolve around the idea of designing systems that incorporate measures for reducing energy consumption of buildings, in turn to protect our natural resources. As a full service AE firm, we have gathered a team of professionals that can provide a wealth of creativity and knowledge to designing and analyzing various systems contributing to the energy usage of a building. In performing detailed energy audits of facilities, we are able to identify effective energy conservation measures that should be implemented into building systems without negatively impacting their performance for the building.

Energy-conservation plants on building

Incorporating energy conservation methods into a building can result in reduced demand, increased savings, higher environmental quality, and longer-lasting systems with minimal maintenance from even the smallest part of a system, like a light bulb. In changing a 40 watt incandescent lamp to a 13-watt compact fluorescent or 6-watt LED, the energy-efficient alternatives will equally illuminate the space while saving approximately 65-85% in energy usage and lasting anywhere from 10-50 times longer, despite the higher upfront costs.

 We are continually striving to incorporate new technologies into our designs, whether for new systems or for upgrading/retrofitting existing systems, to further develop methods of reducing energy use for our clients.  And, in developing life-cycle cost analysis’ we are able to assist them in making educated decisions for upgrading their building systems and determining the appropriate time to do so.  

  • Lighting Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • HVAC Components
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Rain-water Harvesting
  • Building Envelopes

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