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Darnestown Elementary School Addition & Renovation

This project began with a feasibility study that resulted in both a two-story addition and the renovation of the main entrance. The two-story addition consists of 12 classrooms, staff offices, support spaces, faculty lounge, student restrooms, faculty restrooms, storage rooms, mechanical spaces, and electrical spaces.

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Darnestown Elementary School Addition & Renovation

Montgomery County, MD

The Darnestown Elementary school addition was initiated as a feasibility study to explore options for an addition to the existing building. The school was experiencing overcrowding and consisted of several previous additions. We developed a programmatic assessment to address the elementary school’s needs, space requirements, objectives and future goals. Existing surveys of the site were conducted to evaluate the space constraints and opportunities that the site presented.

GAA worked closely with the school’s design committee, eventually focusing on a courtyard solution. This scheme resolved several design issues in an elegant fashion:

  • It provided a secure area for kindergartners whose classrooms face the court.
  • It provided an outdoor space for faculty and PTA events.
  • It created an internal ring for circulation through the entire school.

The design addition consisted of 12 classrooms, staff offices and support spaces, faculty lounge, student and faculty restrooms, storage rooms, and mechanical and electrical spaces. The renovation involved relocating the main entrance, which allowed for ADA compliance and created a more pronounced entry.

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