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Prince William County Public Schools

GAA has held an ongoing term contract with PWCS to provide predominantly mechanical, plumbing, and electrical design services as needed. Projects have included design measures to decrease energy use through the installation of occupancy sensors and the replacement of inefficient lighting fixtures.

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Prince William County Public Schools

Osbourn Park HS, Stonewall Jackson HS, Woodbridge HS, Gar-Field HS

Manassas and Woodbridge, VA

In 2010, Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) won a competitive award through the Commonwealth of Virginia for Qualified School Construction Bonds (QSCB) for energy improvement projects that included the replacement of existing non-efficient light fixtures and the addition of lighting controls (occupancy sensors) for their classrooms, among others.

GAA was awarded the design for four schools: Osbourn Park HS, Stonewall Jackson HS, Gar-Field HS and Woodbridge HS. GAA performed life cycle cost analysis for all four schools to determine the best possible solutions that could yield higher energy savings and a faster payback period. Our recommendations included:

  • Replace the existing T12 fluorescent light fixtures with T8 fluorescent light fixtures for all interior applications. Classrooms lighting levels increased by approximately 30%, while consuming about 35% less energy.
  • Replace all incandescent lamps with equivalent compact fluorescent lamps.
  • All 400 watts metal-halide light fixtures at the gymnasiums were replaced with new high-bay, 6-lamp, 170 watts, T8 fluorescent light fixtures. Gymnasiums saw an increase lighting level of about 20% while consuming 50% less energy.
  • All of the existing metal-halide and high-pressure sodium light fixtures at the parking lots were replaced with equivalent LED light fixtures.

Overall energy savings ranged from 35% – 60% while improving lighting levels up to 30%.

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