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VDOT West Parcel Maintenance Facility

Several new facilities were provided, including a 6,300 GSF administrative building, an 8,300 GSF vehicle maintenance building, vehicle storage areas, a salt storage dome, tailgate rack structures, spreader storage racks, a material storage area, a desalination pond and a stormwater detention pond.

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VDOT West Parcel Maintenance Facility

The project provided facilities for several VDOT user groups, including Area 04, Area 16 and Interstate Maintenance. The consolidated facility replaced facilities vacated by VDOT and transferred to Fairfax County for other uses.

Several new buildings and facilities were provided, including: a one story masonry administration building for Area 04, Area 16 and Interstate Maintenance, with an area of 6,300 GSF; a one story masonry vehicle maintenance building with provisions for material and vehicle storage, with an area of 8,300 GSF and a gable roof; several vehicle storage areas; a (second) salt/sand dome for Area 04/06 snow operations; several tailgate rack structures; additional spreader (storage racks); new material storage area; additional desalination pond; and a stormwater detention pond.

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